Hand Wash Station

We have a number of different options for portable hand washing stations, perfect for any outdoor event or construction site. What is a hand wash station? What are the features? What are the costs? All of these questions and more will be answered in this page.

When permanent sinks aren’t an option, a hand wash station can provide a clean, sanitary alternative for washing hands before eating or preparing food.

The standard components include a sink, soap dispenser, and waste basin. Hand washing stations can be found in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and configurations to meet the needs of a wide range of locations.

Hand-washing Facilities Come in a Variety of Forms

  1. There is only one sink at this hand washing station, and water is dispensed via a foot pump.
  2. The Double Basin Hand Wash Station can accommodate larger crowds thanks to its two sinks.
  3. For events held in locations without ready access to running water, the Hand Sanitizer Station provides convenient hand sanitizer dispensers in place of sinks.
  4. This portable, self-contained Hot Water Hand Wash Station is ideal for outdoor activities held during the cooler months of the year.

What to Look for in a Hand Washing Facility

  • The foot-operated pump reduces the potential for contamination by preventing direct hand contact with the water source.
  • Dispenser for soap: it makes it easy to keep your hands clean.
  • Dispenser for paper towels; handy for wiping sweaty palms.
  • A sink with a splashguard can keep the space around it dry and clean.
  • Lockable storage cabinet ensures the security of the unit and the safety of its contents.

Why You Should Rent a Hand Wash Station

  1. Hygiene: Hand wash stations encourage cleanliness and lessen the likelihood of the spread of disease by making hand washing easily available.
  2. Hand washing facilities can be provided in regions that do not have access to permanent plumbing thanks to portable hand wash stations.
  3. To ensure that events and workplaces are in compliance with health and safety requirements, hand washing stations should be provided.
  4. To save money, rent a hand washing station instead of buying one if you just need it for a short time.
  5. Rental hand washing stations from us are a great way to lessen your influence on the environment from using disposable water bottles.

When Might You Want to Consider Renting a Portable Hand Washing Station

Outdoor Events: Festivals, weddings, and sporting events are just a few examples of outdoor gatherings where renting a hand wash station is a must for guest hygiene and safety.
Construction Sites: Health and safety requirements demand that construction sites provide workers with access to hand washing sinks.
Aid in Times of Crisis: Hand wash stations are essential for providing basic hygienic amenities to communities in the aftermath of a natural disaster or other emergency.


An easily transportable sink, a hand wash station fills the need for clean hands in places where permanent sinks are not an option. Single and double basin options, as well as hand sanitizer and hot water units, are just some of the hand washing stations available from our rental firm.

Our hand washing stations have lockable cabinets, soap and towel dispensers, splash barriers, and foot-operated pumps for ease of use. Renting a hand washing station is a great way to ensure events and workplaces are compliant with health and safety laws without breaking the bank or the environment.

Our hand wash stations are the ideal sanitation solution for any outdoor gathering, construction site, or emergency response. Make your reservation with us as soon as possible!